Wednesday, September 26, 2018

September Board Recap

Unionville-Chadds Ford School District
September 26th, 2018

September 2018


This Month’s Highlights

  • Franklin Institute Partnership - A Growth Mindset

  • Comprehensive Plan

  • Chromebook Initiative - Now all Secondary

  • FOCUS Update

  • Say Something Roll Out

  • Outdoor Facilities Study

  • Code of Conduct (Policy 218) Committee Report

  • Farewell to me


Franklin Institute Partnership - A Growth Mindset

Our partnership with the Franklin Institute continues with more teachers receiving professional development.  Our teachers continue to implement new classroom lessons based on techniques gained from the latest neuroscience.  These teachers are sharing what they have learned with their colleagues. The focus is on building resiliency and problem-solving skills through the development of a growth mindset, mindfulness, and STEM integration.

Learn more - click here to review the presentation


Comprehensive Plan

The 2019-2022 UCFSD Comprehensive Plan is now published for community review.  The Comprehensive Plan is used by the state and district to ensure alignment between standards and instruction.  There are four major points of emphasis in this plan.

  • Develop STEM program in similar ways in all schools depending on grade span.

  • Improve inclusionary practices by ensuring staff are trained in best practices and instructional strategies to accommodate all learners.

  • Advance continued training with all staff on the mental health/wellness needs of our students.

  • Promote teacher collaboration and peer-to-peer observation and feedback.

The comprehensive plan is one pillar of the district’s strategic planning process.  A process that;

  • ensures all stakeholders are working toward common goals,

  • needs are identified and well understood,

  • resources are prioritized, balancing the needs of all stakeholders

Learn more about the Comprehensive Plan

Learn more about the overall strategic planning process


Chromebook Initiative - Now all Secondary

The Administration provided the Board with an update on this project.  All secondary students have now been issued Chromebooks. This initiative is now fully implemented.  The program was first piloted, evaluated, and approved for one grade, then rolled out to the entire middle school, then expanded to the ninth grade, and now all grades 6 - 12.  This careful roll out allowed teachers time to learn how to take advantage of the new infrastructure to improve student outcomes while allowing the technology department time to upgrade needed infrastructure and support.

Learn more about this initiative


FOCUS Update

Strong parental support and community engagement is a critical element that drives superior student outcomes.  Our district enjoys strong support from its families, and FOCUS (Family Outreach Committee of UCFSD) has been instrumental in increasing awareness on many student wellness issues.  During this month’s work session, Board members were provided an update on FOCUS reiterating its mission and current initiatives.

FOCUS is a special committee in the Unionville Chadds Ford School District which provides information and education to parents, students, and the community through parent seminars and workshops, student assemblies, and educational materials.  The mission of FOCUS is to promote healthy choices and behaviors for youth in our community.

Learn more about FOCUS and how you can get involved (District website, under Family and Community)


Say Something Roll Out - “See it - Report it”

The Say Something Anonymous Reporting System allows anyone in the community to submit secure & anonymous safety concerns to help identify and intervene with at-risk individuals BEFORE they hurt themselves or others.  

The Board approved the purchase and installation of this software last year.  Since then, the state has mandated that all schools implement anonymous reporting systems this year.  UCFSD will roll out the curricular part of this system now and will delay the public reporting part of the system pending further guidance from the state.

Watch the presentation and Board conversation


Outdoor Facilities Study

Much has been discussed about this study already.  It has been a topic of Board and community conversation for the past several months.  The Administration reiterated that the study is a set of insights and recommendations focused on outdoor facilities - looking out several years.  The Board commissioned the study as input to their schedules update of the Long Range Facilities Plan. As such, the study is not a project plan and does not contain details that would lead to identifying costs.  The plan does provide the the Board with ideas about future needs, safety concerns, and high level insights into expense levels.

The study is now complete.  The Board will move forward with the processes of updating the Long Range Facilities Plan (AKA the Ten Year Capital Plan).  The Board will develop a proposal over the next several months and the Administration has committed to holding a public information session in December (details will be forthcoming)

Watch the presentation and review the study


Code of Conduct (Policy 218) Committee Report

The Discipline Policy (AKA Student Code of Conduct) has been a topic of much discussion over the past year.  In the last school year the Board modified the policy to include an option for rescission. The Board also asked the Administration to stand up a committee of stakeholders to evaluate the entirety of the policy.  This committee was formed and worked over the summer, presenting their recommendations this month.

The committee has recommended sweeping changes.  Foundations of the recommendation include;

  • Safe Environment - Administration needs a full array of strategies and tools to ensure a safe and orderly learning environment for all students

  • Respect - Students having respect for each other, for staff, and for the entire school community

  • Responsibility - Students have responsibility for their behavior and appropriate consequences/support will empower students to succeed in life and contribute to society

  • Learning from Mistakes / Corrective Action - Students make mistakes and need consequences and support

  • Flexibility - Administration will have more flexibility to help make the consequence better fit the infraction

The committee recommendations will be reviewed and discussed in open Board sessions over the coming months.

Watch the presentation and review the recommendations


Farewell to me

As is customary with retirements, this month I was recognized by my boss (John Sanville) for my years of service.  It has been a wonderful experience for me. I have enjoyed working with the community on a very noble endeavor - To empower each student to succeed in life and contribute to society.  I pass the baton to Christa Fazio.  Christa joins us on October 1st. She has an extensive background in communications, a great track record and plenty of enthusiasm. I appreciate the support I’ve received from the community, and I wish you and Christa nothing but the best - “rainbows and unicorns.”




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