Wednesday, January 31, 2018

January Board Recap

Unionville-Chadds Ford School District
January, 2018

January 2018


We hope these Board Recaps provide transparency and help you to participate in the District’s mission... to empower our students for success in life and to contribute to society.

This month, Dr. Sanville recognized the Board members for their efforts as part of School Director Recognition Month.  Board members are volunteers who spend countless hours working with the administration to fulfill the District’s mission.  As representatives of the residents, they provide oversight and are accountable for budgets, policies, and personnel matters.  Dr. Sanville thanked them for their service, and they were presented with plaques.  Also, a book was donated to each school library in their honor.

This month the Board and administration engaged with the community in a few noteworthy discussions - modifying the suspension policy and concerns about the high school mascot being two of the more active conversations.  The Board holds community conversation, transparency, and engagement as core values of its governance practices.  Together with the administration, the Board welcomes and supports opportunities to talk about things that impact us.  Time is set aside at all public Board meetings for comment; Dr. Sanville holds regular informal public conversations (the next Java with John is Feb 5th), and our Key Communicator Group is open to the public (click here to learn more and join).  These are but a few ways to engage, comment, and ask questions.  Contact information for all Board members as well as all documents, minutes, and Board videos can be found on BoardDocs.  We welcome questions and the opportunity to respond thoughtfully and thoroughly - email or call 610.347.0970.

This month’s highlights include:

  1. FamilyID - A new online registration program to collect PIAA Sports Physicals and IMPACT Concussion Testing Consent/Waiver forms

  2. Comprehensive Plan committee is formed

  3. UCF will continue to require Keystone Exams as a graduation requirement

  4. Suspension policy review 

  5. Superintendent Evaluation


FamilyID - A new online registration program to collect PIAA Sports Physicals and IMPACT Concussion Testing Consent/Waiver forms

The Board voted to approve the purchase ($2,295 annual cost) of this software.

Families will now be able to register their students for sports online, streamlining the process for all in a secured environment.  The system is used by many area schools with great success.  Parents benefit by making it easy for our families to complete recurring physical paperwork. There is a significant convenience factor when considering time spent on lost paperwork, driving to submit paperwork, and correcting incomplete fields. It is estimated that the collection and management of paper sports physicals and IMPACT consent/waiver forms requires approximately 350 hours of clerical work each year (grades 7­-12).

The management of FamilyID will still require time and attention, but it’s proven to significantly decrease the amount of hours spent on sports­-related forms. The main use of these hours will be directed toward providing support for our middle school programs under the new 7-­12 model.

Click here to review the video and documents from the January Board Meeting


Comprehensive Plan committee is formed

The Comprehensive Plan is part of a state-mandated process (updated every three years) that provides a framework for thoughtful data-driven and research-based district and school planning. Comprehensive Planning facilitates communication and collaboration, promotes shared practices and resources, and ensures that every stakeholder is working toward common goals. The plan is submitted to the state and helps them identify needs and assists in coordinating school districts, charter schools, area vocational technical schools/career and technical centers, and intermediate units.

This month the Board approved the committee that will be working on the plan over the next year.

Click here to review the current plan

Click here to review the video and documents from the January Board Meeting


UCF will continue to require Keystone Exams as a graduation requirement

The Board voted against a motion to remove Keystone exams as a graduation requirement.  

The Board has revisited this topic several times since the state put a moratorium on this requirement - at this time it appears that no other PA school district has implemented the graduation requirement. Although the state requires the test, it does not mandate it as a requirement for graduation.

The current UCFSD graduation requirement continues to include passing the Keystones. Remedial support is provided for those not passing on a first attempt, and those who still don’t pass the test are provided alternative ways to demonstrate knowledge.  No UCFSD student has failed to meet this requirement.  

Click here to review the video and documents from the January Board Meeting


Suspension policy review

The Board is considering revising the suspension policy.  At the heart of the matter is a desire to do what is best for our students by providing them the opportunity to experience consequences and to learn from them while at the same time providing them the best opportunities for success in life.

Requirements of the college Common Application now call for the reporting of all suspensions.  This was not the case 15 years ago when the UCF policy was last updated.  The consequences of a suspension ended when a student graduated.  Now, because of the college Common Application, those consequences follow you to college.

The administration has begun to draft a proposal for the Board that balances these two concerns.  The proposal involves allowing first time offenders an opportunity to have their suspension rescinded after certain criteria are met. Click here to review the draft revisions (January 16 Work Session agenda item 11.4).  The process for modifying a policy starts with a first reading.  At that time, the proposed changes are provided to the Board and the public for review, comment, and modification leading to a second reading and eventual Board vote.  

Superintendent Evaluation

Each year the Board reviews the performance of the superintendent and this year the assistant superintendent’s performance was reviewed as well.  Based on the evaluation methods described in Board policy 312, the Board rates the performance of Superintendent Dr. John C. Sanville and John Nolen as Distinguished for all Objective Performance Standards.

Click here to review the Objective Performance Standards




We hope you find these recaps useful.  We encourage you to stay informed about the workings of your School Board.  Our online resources in BoardDocs allow you to virtually access the Boardroom through videos and electronic documents.  Your communications team is here to help -  we’re always happy to hear from you.


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