Friday, March 31, 2017

March Board Recap

March 2017

Our Board meetings are always streamed live and are available on our Youtube Channel - The "U" Tube.  To make things simpler, improve transparency, and increase the usefulness of this document, all Youtube links now take you directly to the portion of the recording being referenced.

All supporting documents are also available online on Board Docs .

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This Month's Highlights

  1. U-PRISE

  2. Middle School Canvas/Chromebook Initiative Year One Review

  3. New Athletic Director Position

  4. Curriculum and Ed Tech Committee Meetings to be Streamed

  5. School Property Tax Board Resolution

  6. School Start Times - Public Input Requested

  7. Facilities Planning


  • Leah Reider and Shannon Brown, leaders of the Special Education Department, updated the Board on this relatively new organization within UCF.  U-PRISE is unique in the county and has grown significantly in a short amount of time.  It is "a place for parents/guardians of students with special needs to share ideas and information, discuss programs, network with other parents and community resources, collaborate with administrators, ask questions, seek advice, and learn more about special education processes.

  • The monthly meetings are recorded and posted to the Special Education department website with presentation materials.

  • The meetings are open to the public and the topics are often of interest to parents and guardians of all children.  The January meeting on Executive Function included tips that all parents can use in helping their students organize and plan their work.

  • Click here to go to the U-PRISE home page on the website.

Middle School Canvas/Chromebook Initiative Year One Review

New Athletic Director Position

  • Over the past month the Administration has been collecting community input and refining the job description and goals for this new position.  The District will be looking for a "creative and strategic thinker who will engage with administrators, educators, parents, and students to help enrich the student 7-12 experience".

  • Click here to review the updated job description

Curriculum and Ed Tech Committee Meetings to be Streamed

  • Transparency and community engagement are core UCF values.  The data shows that our community finds the live streams and archives of Board meetings as valuable.  Views of these meetings continue to climb.  The Board has decided to extend this live streaming to all committee meetings as well.  The Board believes that valuable information is presented and considered during these sessions and that the video archives will be valuable to the public when seeking background information on relevant topics.

School Property Tax Board Resolution

  • The Board has issued a resolution, stating it's position on legislation being considered in Harrisburg that would eliminate school property taxes (SB 76).

  • Click here to review the resolution

School Start Times - Public Input Requested

  • John Nolen provided an update to the Board on this initiative.  Initially started 3 years ago in a UHS classroom, the idea of improving student health by starting school later in the morning has grown into a district and county-wide initiative.  The IU, through it's sponsorship of a student forum evaluated the opportunity and found strong evidence to support a change in start times and now we are one of several county school districts evaluating this opportunity and it's impact on the community..

  • Our own SST committee has spent months evaluating the issue.  Their consensus is that a 25 minute later start time for MS/HS will improve student health while minimizing disruption to stakeholders.

  • During the month of March administrators held meetings with all students grade 4 through 11.  There have been numerous public meetings, presentations  with PTOs and several meetings with staff.

  • The Administration and the Committee will be reviewing what they have learned from stakeholders at their next meeting on April 5th April.  At that time they will preparing a presentation to the Board that includes the community's feelings and the Administration's recommendation.

  • Click here to learn more and provide your input.

Facilities Planning

  • A special Facilities Committee meeting was held to evaluate long term building and grounds needs.

  • Well managed, safe and secure facilities are a foundation to a good learning environment. In this meeting the Board evaluated in some depth the long range plan - testing to ensure that it supports the educational program while also "living within our means".  The plan anticipates future facilities needs -  from upgrades and improvements to routine maintenance - all designed to support the district's excellent educational program.  This "long view" will allow the Board to better manage budgets and arrange financing as needed.  For the past several years funds have been available to support the Plan - going forward there is a need to borrow.

  • Click here to watch the video

  • Click here to review the documents

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