Friday, March 3, 2017

February Board Recap

February 2017

Our Board meetings are always streamed live and are available on our Youtube Channel - The "U" Tube.  To make things simpler, improve transparency, and increase the usefulness of this document, all Youtube links now take you directly to the portion of the recording being referenced.

All supporting documents are available online on Board Docs .

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This Month's Highlights

  • Ten Year Plan Funding Requirements
  • This Year's Curriculum Cycle Complete
  • School Start Time Proposal Ready for Public Review and Comment
  • Budget - Preliminary Budget Approved
  • Legislation - Discussion About State Taxing Formula
  • Wellness Committee - "How to Raise and Adult" Talk
  • Diversity Training Scheduled
  • Tom Day Selected as Board Member
  • Tim Hoffman Approved as Director of Curriculum
  • Linda Miller Approved as Secretary to the Superintendent

Ten Year Plan

  • Well managed, safe and secure facilities are a foundation to a good learning environment. The "Ten Year Plan" is a process that anticipates future facilities needs -  from upgrades and improvements to routine maintenance.  This "long view" allows the Board to better manage budgets.  For the past several years funds have been available to support the Plan - going forward there is a need to borrow.

  • The Board has decided to hold a public meeting to review the Plan and priorities.  The date for this meeting has not been set yet but is expected in March or early April.

  • Click here to watch the Board discussion on the Ten Year Plan.


  • The Curriculum Department re-evaluates and revises curriculum by subject area on a 5 year cycle.  The final issue up for discussion for this year's cycle was related to the Health and PE curriculum - specifically a proposal to build a low ropes course.

  • The Board asked that a summary of this year's curriculum innovations be developed and shared with the public.  Click here to review the summary.

  • The Board, reflecting on community input, has also decided to begin live recording the Curriculum and Educational Technology Committee Meetings - to begin in March.

  • Click here to access our new and improved Curriculum Department website, including links to all curriculum by grade and subject with all committee documents.

School Start Time

  • The Committee has achieved consensus around one option and they are sharing it with the community for review and comment prior to a final presentation to the Board in April.

  • Click here to access the Committee's website, where you will find details of the recommendation and all the resources used by the committee to develop this proposal.


  • The Preliminary Budget ($85,610,587) was approved.

  • Tax increases to support this plan

    • Chester County millage rate would change from 27.69 to 28.68

    • Delaware County millage rate would increase from 23.56 to 23.85


  • The PA legislature is considering a bill to change the funding formula for public schools.  Although the District normally refrains from political involvement, it considers this a very important issue and one that the Board and the community may want to weigh in on.

  • Click here to listen in on the Board's discussion.

Wellness Committee Update - "How to Raise and Adult" Talk

  • The book and talk provided food for thought and an opportunity for reflection.  The Board and Administration are committed to the students in our schools.  The District's mission is to help them to be successful in life - to become adults who academically prepared, hard working and able to overcome adversity.  Finding the right balance between academics and wellness, although a challenge, is key to UCFSD delivering on it's mission.

  • Dr Sanville is working with his team to identify next steps.  He has already met with his administrative team to debrief and will be meeting directly with high school students over the next month.

  • Julie Lythcott-Haims applauded the Board for their efforts to look at later school start times and the high school schedule.

  • Click here to listen to John's comments on this.

  • The Julie Lythcott-Haims talk is available on line.

Diversity Training

  • Training has been scheduled for February 28, 2017, delivered by the Crime Victims Center of Chester County. The purpose of the training is to raise greater awareness, appreciation and sensitivity in the workplace. Dr. Sanville said that all 20 District Administrators are scheduled to attend and all Board Members are invited as well.

Tom Day Selected as Board Member

  • The Board selected Tom Day to fill the vacancy in Region B.  You can learn a bit more about Tom on our Board Bio page.

Tim Hoffman Approved as Director of Curriculum

  • Tim was selected from among a very strong pool of candidates.  He will remain the Patton Middle School Principal through the end of the school year.  A thoughtful and careful search will commence shortly for Tim's replacement.

Linda Miller Approved as Secretary to the Superintendent

  • Linda has done an outstanding job as Office Manager for Unionville High School and John is excited to have Linda on board.  

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