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January Board Recap

January 2017

Our Board meetings are always streamed live and are available on our Youtube Channel - The "U" Tube.  To make things simpler, improve transparency, and increase the usefulness of this document, all Youtube links now take you directly to the portion of the recording being referenced.

All supporting documents are also available online on Board Docs .

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This Month's Highlights

( What does it say that the list of highlights is ½ page long this month?!  It sure has been a busy.)

  • The Everyday Rules of Spectacular Parents

  • Dr. Michael Rock's Resignation

  • Climate Presentation

  • Proposed Preliminary Budget Approved

  • Discussion of Student Fees

  • Discussion of Substitute Salary Rates

  • New Communications System Investigation

  • January is Board Recognition Month

  • Annual Audit Findings

  • Region B (Newlin, Pocopson and Birmingham) Board Member Candidate Interviews

  • Annual Audit Findings

  • Farewell Ken Batchelor

  • Community Comments

  • Board Comments

  • New Assistant Superintendent Contract

  • New Superintendent Contract

  • 2017-2018 Calendar Approved

The Everyday Rules of Spectacular Parents

The artwork from 50 student artists from our community were published in The Everyday Rules of Spectacular Parents.  Students were presented first editions of these beautifully bound hardcover books. The book is published by Capital Reath Associates, whose owner, Randall Stutman, is a friend of John Sanville's.

Click here to see pictures from the event

Dr. Michael Rock's Resignation

During Board comments, Dr. Rock read a prepared statement and resigned.  

Click here to watch Dr. Rock's Comments

Click here to watch Vic Dupuis' response

Climate Presentation

The results of last year's climate survey were presented to the Board this month and the findings were very favorable.

The climate survey provides district administrators with valuable information about the school environment.  Indicators of climate include, safety, teaching and learning, interpersonal relationships, institutional environment, social media and staff.

Building principals have been meeting with their staffs to evaluate the findings, discovering reasons for success and targeting actions for areas of improvement.

Below, I cut and pasted one page from the presentation that includes NCSI's summary of areas of strength and areas for potential improvement.  Go to the presentation to see a summary of results and action plans.  The administration plans to conduct surveys every other year.


  • Safety Rules and Norms was a major area of strength across all schools

  • Social Support- Adults, Respect for Diversity, and Social Support- Students were great strengths district-wide; these dimensions fall under the broader school climate category of Interpersonal Relationships

  • Physical Surroundings garnered very positive scores from the student, staff, and parent populations at all school sites; this is highly interrelated to students' very positive perception of Sense of Physical Security

Areas for Potential Improvement

  • Sense of Social-Emotional Security emerged as an area for improvement district-wide among students that cuts across school level, gender, grade, and race/ ethnicity

  • Social and Civic Learning is cited by high school students as an area for potential improvement

Click here to watch the Board discussion on school climate

Proposed Preliminary Budget Approved

Each year at this time the administration puts forward a budget plan for the next school year.  It signals the beginning of a multi-step process leading to an approved final budget in June.  Of note this year, the proposed preliminary budget does not include using any "exceptions" to allowable tax increases (exceptions can be claimed by a District to increase taxes beyond state limits, helping to offset exceptional cost).

Click here to review the calendar of key budget dates

Discussion of Student Fees

The Board asked for and reviewed current student fees.  The conversation included a review of the history of fees and comparisons to other districts.  This was not a voting item, but is a matter the Board plans to review as part of the budget process.

Click here to review the chart of student fees

Click here to watch the Board discussion on student fees

Discussion of Substitute Salary Rates

Finding enough substitute teachers to meet demand is becoming increasingly challenging and the Board discussed options for meeting demand, including adjusting salary rates.

Click here to review the chart of substitute salaries

New Communications System Investigation

The District is investigating modernizing its communication system, including new websites, a more feature rich contact management database and greater automation of the creation and delivery of messages through email, social media and mobile devices.

Click here to review the presentation

January is Board Recognition Month

Every January we take a moment to acknowledge the service of our volunteer Board members.  They devote countless hours on behalf of our students and community.  Each Board member was presented with a plaque and a book was purchased in their honor for each school library.

Click here to view the resolution read by John Sanville

Annual Audit Findings

The annual audit resulted in a clean bill of health for the district with all compliance requirements in order.  The summary report highlights that the District will continue to see rising costs for PSERs (the staff pension plan), although the rate of growth appears to be leveling off.

Click here to view the audit report

Click here to view the audit summary report

Region B (Newlin, Pocopson and Birmingham) Board Member Candidate Interviews

Click here to watch the interviews of four candidates to fill the vacancy created in Region B by the resignation of Dr. Rock.

Farewell Ken Batchelor

Assistant to the Superintendent, Ken Batchelor attended his last UCF Board meeting before starting in his new role as Superintendent of the Radnor School District.  Ken has been with the district for many years, starting as a teacher.  He is much admired by the staff, Board, community and coworkers several came to the meeting to recognize Ken's service and wish him good luck.

Click here to watch the tribute to Ken

Community Comments

Click here to watch the community comments

[During the community comments there was a surprise "flash mob" in support of Jason Throne (UHS Vocal Director) - click here to watch his talented students express their support in song.]

Board Comments

Click here to watch the Board comments

New Assistant Superintendent Contract

The Board voted unanimously to approve a new contract for John Nolen.  John moves into this role, replacing Ken Batchelor.  John has also been with the District for many years, as a principal and Director of Curriculum.

Click here to watch the Board discussion

Click here to review the contract

New Superintendent Contract

The Board voted unanimously to approve a new contract for Dr. Sanville.  The Board has made a detailed explanation of their rational for this available in Board Docs.

Click here to watch the Board discussion

Click here to review the contract

Click here to review a White Paper narrative prepared by the Board

Click here to review a bulleted list of the Board's rationale

2017-2018 Calendar Approved

The annual calendar is developed first with input from a diverse group of stakeholders and then through public review and comment.  The general outline of the calendar remains largely the same as in past years.  Of note, this year the Board, upon reflection of community input, has decided to honor the traditions of the Chinese New Year (February 16th) and Diwali  (October 19th).  On these days schools will be closed for teacher in-service.

Click here to review the approved 2017-2018 calendar

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