Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Board Meeting Recap

August 17 Board Meeting


+  Board Meetings Streaming Live and Available on YouTube
+  Teacher Contract Update: Fact Finding Under Way
+  Board Comments and Reflections on Budget and Teachers' Contract
+  Middle School Building Project Update
+  Providing Students Real-World Learning Opportunities
+  Volunteer Clearance Procedures Made Easier
+  2015-2016 Goals Approved
+  September Board Meeting Schedule

Board Meetings Streaming Live and Available on YouTube

If you weren't able to attend last night's meeting, you could have watched it streaming live on UCF's new YouTube channel.  Archives of all meeting are available and our Board Recaps will highlight the timeline so you can watch particular items of interest.

Click here to watch the video

Teacher Contract Update: Fact Finding Under Way

Vic Dupuis updated the community on the status of  negotiations.  The Fact Finding process is well under way with written result due by August 31st.  The Board and UCFEA will have 10 days to accept or reject the findings.  The Board will hold a special public meeting on September 8th to deliberate and vote on the written results.

Learn more about the Fact Finding process

New Teacher Induction Begins This Week

John Sanville reported that there are 32 new teachers who have been hired over the summer.  This is one of the larger groups of new hires in memory.  The Administration was impressed with the caliber of candidates.

Board Comments and Reflections on Budget and Teachers' Contract

A theme began to emerge during this month's Board comments. Board members shared their reflections on the budget that was passed in June and their thoughts about the teacher contract.

Jeff Hellrung

Jeff's comments can be heard starting at 6:00 minutes.  His overall focus was on the teachers' retirement plan.  He sees the current State mandated retirement plan contributions and the State mandated taxing limits (imposed by Act 1) as the biggest obstacles the Board faces in managing the budget and increasing salaries for teachers.

Keith Knauss

Keith's comments start at minute 10:30.  The emphasis of Keith's remarks was to focus on the Board's proven commitment to student outcomes while also effectively managing expenses. He presented a graph of SAT scores for the last 20 years showing steady improvement for UCF while the national average has actually declined.  

Keith believes the Board has shown a long term commitment to high standards of education, while at the same time spending modestly, achieving well above average results with middle-of-the pack spending.  He believes the current budget continues to support high standards.

SAT History Chart

Michael Rock

Michael's comments start at minute 16:00.  Michael focused on the concept of  "The Cost Disease in Education".  His concern is that current teacher salaries are not growing fast enough to keep us competitive, leading to a degradation in the quality of our instruction over time.  He presented charts and cited sources to support this idea.  The theory cited posits that the more domestically based and labor intensive industries (such as teaching) can't keep pace with the productivity gains of other industries and so their costs grow faster than the average (the average being expressed by the CPI).  There was a lot of economic theory here, so please see the presentation for more details.

The bottom line to Michael's remarks is if we don't increase teacher salaries at a higher rate over time, we will not be able to attract the best teachers.

Cost Disease Presentation

Bob Sage

Bob's comments start at minute 1:07:35.  He was impressed with the quality and background of the teachers hired this summer and pleased that the district is able to continue to attract this level of talent.

Kathy Do

Kathy's comments start at minute 1:09:30.  Kathy's reflections focused on the need to reward teachers for the success the district has achieved in its mission to prepare our students for life.

Middle School Building Project Update

If you travel by the middle school you will see that it is still in the midst of renovations.  The Buildings and Grounds Department is working hard with the contractors and everything will be ready for the first day of school.  The Board is pleased with Rick Hostetler's and his team's efforts to get the school ready.

Providing Students Real-World Learning Opportunities

UCF offers its students unique learning opportunities, three of which were highlighted at tonight's Board meeting.

  • Summer intern develops a plan to start up a technology help desk at UHS

  • Summer intern develops a program that a Chromebook monitors website access to alert teacher.

  • UCF students participate in a county-wide project to evaluate school start times.

Listen to Kathy Do's report (minute 35:50) and Jeff Hellrung's comments (minute 54:00) for more details.

Volunteer Clearance Procedures Made Easier

The State has eased some of the volunteer clearance requirements.

See the work session recap for more details

2015-2016 Goals Approved

See work session recap for more details

Review the goals in Board Docs

September Board Meeting Schedule

  • September 8th - Special Board meeting to deliberate and vote on Fact Finding Study

  • September 21st - Board Work Session

  • September 28th - Board Meeting

Watch the Board meeting on Youtube

Review the Board Documents

Questions? ucfsdcommunications@ucfsd.net

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