Monday, February 9, 2015

Board Meeting Preview


Board Meeting Preview

Understanding Board Meetings

The Board holds two public sessions monthly, on the second and third Monday of the month.  

On the second Monday of the month the Curriculum and Educational Technology Committee meeting and full Board work session are held.  These meetings are where the "real discussions" happen  These meetings feature presentations, reviews and friendly debate on a variety of important topics. Time is always set aside for public comment.  Public comment is welcomed and encouraged, as these are the meetings when the Board members deliberate on the items before them.

On the third Monday of the month (Tuesday this month due to the Presidents' Day holiday) the Board meets to take action on the agenda items for that month. Time is set aside for public comment.

This Month's Board Meeting Schedule

  • Curriculum and Educational Technology Committee - Feb 9, 4:30 - District Office 

  • Board Work Session - Feb 9, 7:00 - District Office (Note:  This meeting, normally held at 6:30, is moved to 7:00 to allow the Board time to hold its personnel meeting which is a closed executive session)

  • Board Meeting - Feb 17, 7:30 - District Office

On the Agenda this Month

  • Curriculum and Educational Technology - Feb 9, 4:30 - District Office

    • Comprehensive Plan: This plan is a State requirement and will be up for approval.  Parts of the Comprehensive Plan will be used to help develop the Strategic Plan.

    • Technology 3 year road map: Last month the committee received an update on the District's Learning Management System (LMS) pilot program.  This program will be expanded for next year.  In this meeting the committee will be presented with updates on other aspects of the technology plan, including the technical infrastructure, plans for future computer purchases and key systems and database initiatives.

  • Board Work Session - Feb 9, 7:00 - District Office

    • Strategic Plan:  A new Board committee has been formed and tasked with developing a strategic plan for the district.  Goals, scope and an outline of the process will be discussed.

    • Budget: The next step in the annual budget process is to develop the preliminary budget.  This is not the final budget but it is an important part of the process of developing a final budget.  The Board reviews assumptions, opportunities and risks, and applies to the State for any needed tax exceptions.

    • Bond Refinancing:  Last month the Board was presented with an opportunity to refinance some bonds at a favorable rate.  The details and accounting for that action will be presented.

    • Policy: The Board continues its comprehensive review of policies.

Detailed agenda and Board documents


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