Monday, October 13, 2014

October Meeting Preview

Board Meeting Preview
What better way is there to celebrate Columbus Day than by coming out to the UCF Board Meeting?

The next Board Meeting will be tonight.  The Curriculum and Educational Technology Committee will meet at 4:30 followed by the Board Working Session at 6:30.

Curriculum and Educational Technology Committee
4:30 in the District Office Public Meeting Room

  • Discussion of UHS Peer Support Grant Team
  • Report and discussion on academic integrity.  Responding to an issue that was first raised in an Indian Post article, a committee has been looking at the issue of academic integrity at the high school and will be presenting its findings and recommendations - presentation 
  • Responding to parent questions and comments about homework, a committee has begun evaluating our homework guidelines.  They have established an initial statement of beliefs and have determined some next steps in the process -presentation

Board Working Session
6:30 in the 
District Office Public Meeting Room
  • Review of the new Dashboard metrics:  Establishing a meaningful set of real time data is one of this year's goals and this will be the first time the board is sitting in session to review the new measurements.  Here's a link to the goals for the year.
  • Redistricting:  At this meeting the Board will review the Administration's recommendation for a contractor for the redistricting study.
  • The accelerated policy review is ongoing and an additional Policy Committee meeting has been scheduled for October 20th at 6:16 in the UES SGI.